Forest ring

    23,500.00 €

    A tribute to the forest, its plants, flowers, berries, and trees, because without them we would not exist.

    Water ring

    20,600.00 €

    The water cycle is fascinating, with its rain, waterfalls, lakes and seas. Under the surface, there is more life than we know...

    Together ring

    6,200.00 €6,500.00 €

    Relying on and supporting each other. This platinum diamond ring is the perfect accompaniment to either a smooth ring or a row of diamonds. The 0.50ct pear shaped diamond of...

    Wind ring

    4,600.00 €5,200.00 €

    Did you know that some butterflies can travel thousands of miles? The long migration is made easier by suitable weather and winds.

    Lotus diamond ring

    4,500.00 €4,850.00 €

    A special cut diamond which almost looks like it is floating inside the ring. The surrounding circle of diamonds gives the piece a certain dignity. This is a unique diamond...

    Vine-Filigree ring | Butterfly

    3,400.00 €

    Kaunis ja herkän tunnelman luova filigraanisormus, joka hurmaa muutkin kuin vain kantajansa.

    Ornament ring

    1,950.00 €2,400.00 €

    Ornamentti sormuksessa on neljä tai viisi timanttia riippuen sormuksen koosta. Sormuksen leveys on noin 7mm. Huolimatta sirohkosta muotoilusta, on sormuksella tarpeeksi paksuutta kestääkseen hyvin jokapäiväistä käyttöä.

    Flower ring

    1,400.00 €1,800.00 €

    Kukkasormus on veikeän kauniisti erilainen sormus tavanomaisuuden sijaan.

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