We all know that flowers can be quite beautiful on their own, but together they become something delightful. When you combine the colours and shapes of flowers in a harmonious way, it creates a beautiful ensemble.

Creating jewellery is quite similar. We pick creativity, highly perfected skills, a lot of time, and high-quality materials.

We still need one more thing: creativity can only bloom where there is passion. The only way to use one’s skills at the highest level is through determination and integrity. If strict time constraints are placed on jewellery making, then it creates shackles which will impact the meaningfulness and quality of the work, and eventually also the finished piece itself.

When creating jewellery, time is at its best when it is forgotten. When these things are in harmony with one another we can create pieces which are born from the heart and soul of the maker, rather than cold calculation. There is something quite special about jewellery that has been created in this way.



We all understand that being ethical and taking the environment into account is important in the current global situation. We want to do something very differently. Our customers know that when they buy a piece of jewellery from us, we have not just compensated its negative impact on the environment; we have gone much further still.

A great leap forward in this area will take place on 1st January 2022, when the environment becomes the biggest salary earner in our company. From then on, the amount we will donate to environmental causes each year will exceed the combined net salary and potential net dividend income of the owner/owners. This is a very unique experiment, as we are not aware of any other business in the goldsmith industry which does this.

The donation will be made annually to selected causes, which we will announce on our website in January each year. We aim to donate to causes which carry out repair and conservation work etc. in a way which does not damage anyone’s livelihood. We aim to support the environment in as sensible a way as possible, so that nature and animals, but also the people who are dependent on nature, can benefit.



We are very particular about the quality of our jewellery, which is why all pieces are made only by the best goldsmiths in Finland and Switzerland.

We demand a lot of ourselves. This is our treasure, which takes a lot out of us, but also gives us a great deal.

Jouni has worked as a goldsmith in both Finland and Switzerland, which makes smooth collaboration with Swiss goldsmiths and stone setters possible. The Swiss precision, method and skill are an excellent complement to our business.

Video productions : Esa Orre

Photos : Jouni Saarenpää, Teemu Töyrylä, Esa Orre

suomi sveitsi

Reaching the most beautiful results possible is dictated by the techniques we use; a combination of older goldsmith techniques and newer approaches including 3D design. Our skillset is extremely varied.

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